Rachel Rushing

Teaching Philosophy

Within any environment, wether academic, community or museum-based, there are a few core principles set as the foundation for all of my teaching:

– Equitable power structure
– Critical Thinking
– Growth
– Empowerment

Before any true learning may happen, I work to establish an equitable power structure for classroom learning that sets the tone for the entire course. In an effort to dismantle toxic hegemonies, I begin courses by letting students know the level of responsiblity expected of them. I expect a great deal of maturity and ambition from students, informing them that no one will ever care more about their careers, both academic and professional, than they will; and no one should. Each student must take ownership of their academic and broader life goals.

Within this atmosphere of accountability and maturity, students are able to be introduced to complex theories with open-mindedness, exploring their own bias as they come to new understandings of their relationship to the art world, to culture, and to mass media. With this critical mentality students are encouraged through discussion and assigments to apply theory to real-world applications.

Through rigorous course work and active learning models, I am diligent to meet each student where they are as we work together focusing on personal growth over group proficiency. Basic project management skills structure every course so that students are able to walk away with a framework for accomplishing measurable outcomes as they continue in their studies.

Wether in a technical course or a theory-based course, I want students to end their time with me knowing they have grown in their skills, that they have met all of the challenges presented to them to the best of their ability, and that they are able to apply what they have learned towards their larger artistic and professional goals.

Student examples:
Aural Cyanotype

Bodily Fluids Chemigram

Camera Lucida Dass Transfers Book

Cardboard Dass Transfers

Craigslist Ziatype

Darkroom Iphone-ography

Galaxy Gum Bichromate

GIS Cyanotype

Glitch Cyanotype

Man v Nature Gum Bichromate

Melatonin Salted Paper

Organic City Lasercut

Photo 1 Identity

Photo 1 Place

Photo 1 Things

Social Media Collaboration

Pixel Organized Salted Paper