Rachel Rushing

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Praxis and Possible Relations and Standard Methodologies are each part of a 2-video installation, Plurality, exploring the divide between Nature and human agency.

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This video installation presents to the viewer two types of interaction with the natural world, one immersive and one dissociative. Standard Methodologies is the study of a material sample from a canalized section of suburban waterway utilizing traditional methods of scientific interaction, namely the disconnected, impartial observation of a representative specimen.

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Praxis and Possible Relations is an alternative interaction with the same water sample through a wall-sized projection free of borders and frames. This fully enveloping experience bathes the viewer in golden light, filling the edges of their perception and offering a non-traditional interaction with natural space and relationship. The contrast of scale between each of these videos offers the chance to reconsider conventional modes of interacting with the environment, modes that historically categorize Nature as “Other” and, thus, an entity separate from and subject to human experience.