Rachel Rushing

I love rain in the summertime.  I like to leave the curtains open and let in the little sunlight left.  It always relaxes me.

Here I am, sitting in my new-to-me apartment with my new husband after I’ve just graduated with my Photography degree.  I’m still trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do now.  The first few days were pretty intimidating.  I haven’t had a free summer in about 5 years because I’ve either traveled with church groups to foreign lands or been in school.  Freedom can be a scary thing.

I told a friend of mine the other day that I was having an identity crisis because I couldn’t figure out what kind of camera bag I needed.  In the past I’ve traveled a lot and always wanted a backpack style bag.  I don’t think I’ll be traveling nearly as much so do I now need more of a side bag? I suppose I can’t get caught up in labeling myself (especially with something as trivial as a camera bag)- I hate that kind of legalism anyways.

If you were to look at my gear to find out what kind of photographer I am, you’d find my 5D, a good number of memory cards (most of which are old and starting to die), and a card reader and battery charger covered in glitter (I taught 5th Grade art for a while this year).

All I know is I want to be relevant and creative with whatever I’m working on.   I’ll keep posting as I figure this whole thing out.